40 Premium Photoshop Image Looks for Photographers

This is much easier to use than actions - just open one file, insert your photo and see instant results!


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ONLY $3!
3000x2000 in size and (resizable), this single layered PSD file will help you breath new life into your photos. There is a huge variety of looks and styles, but what’s even better – you are able to COMBINE effects (just by enabling and disabling different effect layers, named by numbers for your convenience), that you basically have almost unlimited number of looks. On top of it all, there are 10 awesome overlay textures that you can enable/disable per will (photoshop layer on top called “overlays”). If you like to play around, you can even tweak existing effects and get even more results!

Just watch the video...

it’s shot in REAL TIME, so I just imported my image and clicked on different effects! No actions to load and run, no errors, no waste of time. All 40 Effects, 10 Overlay layers and their endless combinations are in this one PSD file!

How to use this dirt cheap, premium file, that I will get for only $3?
Simply paste your image in the folder marked in red, called “paste image here”, then enable/disable layers per will! Remember to first disable old effects after enabling the new ones, and later you can practice with making combinations and enabling more at the time! There is an effect for any kind of photos you may have!


Thanks to the Internet and all the talented artists all around the world, now you don’t have to spend months and years trying to learn Photoshop like a pro. Instead you can focus on what you like to do – Taking photos! For all your design and correction needs, there are professionally pre-made design items and units, easy to modify in minutes. No design skills needed. If you can imagine it, you can find it.  

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