This Comic Trilogy Generator Set will help you make comic pages and storyboards in 3 cool styles / looks: Watercolor, Sketch and Vintage

1 – Illustrated Comic Book Generator: This is the complete kit for generating illustrated comic books (or storyboards) using any graphics (photos, drawings, clipart, stock…) and included comic elements. Watch demo video to see how this generator is easy and fast. Results are perfect for presentations, comps, etc. All the templates are in a high (8.5″x11″) resolution. 

2 – Aquarelle Comic Book Creator: This Kit contains everything you need to make Aquarelle looking comic books in Photoshop. Just pick a template, populate it with your images (photos, clipart, stock…), add speech/text bubbles, type text, add sound FX words (that are provided in several styles) and run an action! Easy to follow instructions are provided. Original font is also included.

3 – Old Comic Book Generator: Very easy to use template kit with 9 comic page templates, 3 storyboard templates, 20 pre-made “sound” Power text effects and an original font. Just insert any photos, drawings, stock images, clipart, etc. to populate the page. Run my quick and reliable action, and when it pauses, just drag.drop text and speech bubbles, sound FX and type text. Then run the rest of the action and your finished page will look like an old comic page (and it will have that smell, too!). Then load another page template, rinse & repeat! Almost no Photoshop knowledge is needed – if you can follow easy instructions and you know how to type, paste, resize and save, you’re good!


This set comes with a bag of goodies that will help you create realistic looking comics in no time.

This kit has everything you need to create Old-looking Comics or Storyboards.  Before using it, you need to install OldComic action (double-click on a .atn file) and my included font Comicsketch (double-click on a ComicSketch.ttf or otf). This font has 2 styles – Uppercase for regular text and lowercase for loud words and effects. (NOTE: In order to change text color, you need to edit it’s layer style – double click on it’s layer and choose “color overlay”, pick color you like, save)


Now you’re ready for your first comic sketch page! There are 9 premade Page templates (and 3 Storyboard templates) that you’ll use to populate with any photo, clipart or illustration.

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