Modern TV Set Photoshop Animated Mockup Generator

Render working .gif's and videos straight from your Photoshop.

Note: You need Photoshop Extended to use Modern TV Set Video Generator Action. To see if you have it, go to Photoshop / About.
Run any video through this file for a unique effect, commonly seen in website headers, backgrounds, etc. It works with videos or photos. You can export videos as .gifs (Cinemagraphs) or regular videos (or stills). This modern TV set mock-up will play any video in full 1920x1080 straight from your Photoshop (no other editing software needed). You just have to insert your video (shorter the better) or photo by double-clicking the red layer on top, called “video/image placeholder”, and loading your asset in the window that will open.

Once you resize to fit the space provided, save it and it will automatically update the main scene with your image or video. Export / render as video, .gif or a still image (see the included .doc file with some screenshots). Note: If exporting as Cinemagraphs and other .gif’s, you don’t want your video to be longer than a few seconds. You just have to move the right “selection” bracket (that specifies the length of video) In the timeline and it will only render that, selected area (see the .doc file included in the download). you can also move both brackets to specify start and end of your desired video length.


Actually, you were able to do so since 2007, but not many people knew it. As well as they don’t know about powerful 3D engine under Photoshop’s hood. Of course, it’s no Premiere Pro or Cinema (respectively), but yes, you can do video and 3D in your Photoshop and those options are getting more and more advanced. The scene we made for you is in a full 1080P size, with 5 optional backgrounds (or you can use your own or a flat color if you want). There is a .doc file with screenshots included in your download – so you will see exactly how to just the file, adjust the settings, timeline lengths and how to export to either video or a .gif. And all this straight from your Photoshop with no other editing software needed!

Few still examples

– click to enlarge –

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