What is “Seasons” and what can I do with it?

This Premium Action Set for Photographers “Seasons” is a non-destructive tool for your everyday image editing. It nicely enhances photos, but what’s even better, it is also “stackable”. You can run more than one action on your images. In fact, we’ve included a 11″x8″ layered .PSD photoshop file. There, you only have to insert your photo (in the layer called “paste image here”) and then the fun starts. Go and enable/disable different “seasons” – effects. (each one is a separate layer folder). You can use 1, 2, 3 or all 9 of them at once! Also you can change their opacity (via slider) and blend mode for impossible number of combinations and looks!


Very cool, but does it work on all subjects?

This set of professional actions also work on Black & White and on Monochrome photos with great results.  They are VERY easy to install and even easier to use (using either action set or a layered .PSD template file). Instructions are provided. This Action Set of 9 “Seasons” and “Astronomical Dates” is not just for landscape and nature – actually it performs great on portraits and emotional scenes. That’s why it’s one of the “must have” for Wedding, Family, Seniors, Fashion or Product Photographers (these actions will make jewelry shots unique).

(move the sliders to the left and right of the middle to see some examples of this action in before & after format)

This is one of those Action Sets that you’ll always have on your computers and flash drives. You won’t be able to create more different looks in less time and with less work.  Get it today at this promotional price.


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